Anica Savić Rebac

Аница Савић Ребац, фото: Ивана Томановић

Anica Savić Rebac (Novi Sad, 1892 – Belgrade, 1953) was a poet, aesthetician, Hellenist and translator. She kept up a correspondence with Thomas Mann and translated the demanding Njegoš's poem The Ray of the Microcosm (Luča Mikrokozma) into both German and English; Rebecca West in her travel book Black Lamb and Grey Falcon based two characters on Anica and her husband Hasan Rebac. Determined to commit suicide after Hasan's death, she finished all the manuscripts, arranged the tombstone with a sculptor and read ancient Greek works about suicide. After two failed attempts, she committed suicide in her flat by shooting herself through the heart with a revolver.

Creative direction: Aleksandra
Photo: Ivana Tomanović