Draga Ljocic

Драга Љочић, фото: Маја Медић

Draginja Draga Ljočić (Šabac, 1855 – Belgrade, 1926) the first female doctor of medicine in Serbia. She received her doctorate in Zurich in 1879, and throughout her career, she was in an equitable position with her male colleagues only during wars (1876-1915); otherwise, they systematically sabotaged her all the time. A prominent feminist and humanitarian, she also participated in the battles during the Serbian-Turkish war, and she received the rank of Lieutenant. Among other things, she provided free treatment to children, and in 1904 she founded the Maternity Association. This was also not received well in the patriarchal environment because the Association's protégés were abandoned and illegitimate children. In 1919, Draginja participated in the founding of the Association of Women Medical Doctors in Belgrade, which collected money for the treatment of children and women, but she did not live to see its opening.

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Photo: Maja Medic