Eustahija Arsić

Еустахија Арсић, фото: Симона Павловић

Eustahija Arsić (Irig, 1776 – Arad, 1843) was the first woman writer in the Slavonic-Serbian language, a patron of Serbian writers and a benefactor of Matica srpska. We do not know much about her life. Her third marriage, to Sava Arsić, a nobleman from Arad, brought her into high society and allowed her to upgrade her education. She spoke German, and perhaps English, Latin and Romanian. Educated in the spirit of Enlightenment, she published two works in which through prose and poetry she didactically narrates about the natural sciences, history, the importance of education for girls, but also about practical topics such as running a household and farming.

Creative direction: Aleksandra
Photo: Simona Pavlovic