Jelisaveta Načić

Јелисавета Начић, фото: Иван Тодоровски

Jelisaveta Načić (Belgrade, 1878 – Dubrovnik, 1955) was the first female architect in Serbia and the first woman employed in the public administration, as a designer at the Serbian Ministry of Construction, and then as an architect and urban planner in the Belgrade Municipality. She designed the Elementary School "King Peter I", the baroque stairs beneath Kalemegdan Park, Alexander Nevsky Church in Belgrade and the church in Štimlje in Kosovo; she also worked on the famous Victor monument, cooperating with Meštrović on this project. In 1916, Austrian occupation authorities found out that she was the author of a 1913 triumphal arch at Terazije Square which read “Not all Serbs were liberated” and imprisoned her in Nezsider Camp near Hungary-Austria border. Upon leaving the camp she never continued her career in architecture.

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Photo: Ivan Todorovski