Kasija & Nadezda

Касија и Надежда, фото: Иван Тодоровски

Kasija Miletić (around 1875 – Valjevo, 1915) was a prominent member of Kolo srpskih sestara (Circle of Serbian Sisters, a charity) and a volunteer nurse in World War I.

Nadežda Petrović (Čačak, 1873 – Valjevo, 1915) was the most important Serbian female painter at the end of the 19th century, a humanist and a war nurse. Extremely progressive and persistent, she was educated in Europe, and left her mark as an excellent painting teacher, participant and organizer of exhibitions and art colonies, author of reviews and speaker at patriotic rallies.

Kasija and Nadežda, together with Delfa Ivanić, founded Kolo srpskih sestara (Circle of Serbian Sisters) in 1903. In World War I, as nurses at Valjevo Military Hospital, they contracted typhus during the epidemic and both died in 1915.

Creative direction: Čarna
Photo: Ivan Todorovski