Mara & Zora

Мара и Зора, фото: Ивана Томановић

Zora Petrović (Dobrica, 1894 – Belgrade, 1962) was one of the most prominent representatives of expressionism in Serbian painting, a laureate of the October Award and an associate member of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts.

Mara Rosandić (Ruma, 1883 – Belgrade, 1954) was the first trained woman photographer in this region. Already in 1900 she had an atelier in Belgrade and later also in Zagreb. In addition to photography, she was also active in painting, weaving, tapestry... and “she always wore wide and long maxi dresses which she designed and sewed herself, and which no one else in Belgrade wore”. *

In the period between the two World Wars Senjak was an extremely interesting location, so the Rosandić family built a house/atelier there, which soon became a favourite meeting place for artists. “Zora Petrović visited most often and promptly, with her characteristic laugh and joyful voice, entertaining everyone as soon as she showed up”.*

* Milan Kašanin, Susreti i pisma (Encounters and Letters) , Matica srpska, 1974

Creative direction: Aleksandra
Photo: Ivana Tomanovic