Milunka Savić

Милунка Савић,  фото: Далибор Тонковић

Milunka Savić (Koprivnica, 1892 – Belgrade, 1973), Serbian Joan of Arc, was a heroine of Balkan Wars, and after them, again as a volunteer, she showed exceptional courage in the Battle of Kolubara, and at Kajmakčalan, where she captured 23 Bulgarian soldiers alone, but did not kill any of them. Because of all her merits, she became the most decorated female soldier in the history of warfare. She was wounded nine times. She refused to live in France and receive their military pension.

Since 1929 she worked as a cleaner at Hipotekarna Banka, a mortgage bank in Belgrade, where people quickly forgot her merits. As an old lady, she practically lived in poverty. At that time, under the pretext of taking them to be cleaned, a thief stole all her medals. During her life, besides her own children, she brought up and sent to school another 30 children from her hometown.

Creative direction: Čarna
Photo: Dalibor Tonković