Mina Karadžić

Мина Караџић, фото: Иван Тодоровски

Mina Karadžić Vukomanović (Vienna, 1828 – Vienna, 1894), daughter of Vuk Stefanović Karadžić, painter, writer and translator. She painted fifty works, mainly oil on canvas, portraits of the family and important contemporaries. A muse to poet Branko Radičević, she used the knowledge of foreign languages to translate and help his father, whose correspondence and manuscripts she edited. Her collection of Serbian folk tales, poems and more than a thousand proverbs was published in Berlin in 1854, with a preface by Jacob Grimm. She collated and edited lexical material for her father’s Deutsch-serbisches Wörterbuch. Despite tragic life circumstances and death of her child, she devoted herself to the classification and preservation of Vuk’s legacy, continuing her work on the new editions of his books.

Creative direction: Čarna
Photo: Ivan Todorovski