Savka Subotić

Савка Суботић, фото: Маја Медић

Savka Subotić (Novi Sad, 1834 – Novi Sad, 1918) was a humanitarian and one of the first feminists in Serbia. She organized the signing of a petition for the establishment of higher education schools for girls, with a view to improving the position of women in the society; the idea was also that education should no longer be a male privilege. She was the first President of Kolo srpskih sestara.

She treated the handicrafts made by Serbian peasant women as works of art. She collected all kinds of handicraft created by women throughout Serbia, and exhibited them across Europe. Holding brave speeches with witty and innovative views and observations was her specialty, although almost until the end of her life it was thought they were designed and written by her husband, Dr Jovan Subotić.

Creative direction: Čarna
Photo: Maja Medić